I love Pantene, they truly have the best hair products. …

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I love Pantene, they truly have the best hair products. I like to rotate the hair products that I use, at the moment I use Elvive shampoo, a hair mask from Garnier and heat protectant from Loreal.
Thanks so much for the inspiration darling.
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Trend: The bigger the better – Taschen
Thanks so much for sharing Swantje! I am a big bag kind of girl. My everyday bag is half my size, meaning I carry lots of unnecessary items with me hehe.
Thanks so much for the inspiration and have an amazing Friday.

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Simple but significant
The little scarf does elevate this outfit! Well done my darling.
Have a great Friday!
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Sie ist noch in der Warteschleife
Speaking from experience my darling, usually such ‚relationships‘ are waste of time.
I’ve been there and let me tell you, you deserve someone who makes time for you.
Get rid of this guy and find yourself a loving man who prioritizes you.
I like the jeans on jeans look on you and the photography fits very well with the writing!
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Outfit: It’s my birthday!
Happy Birthday Swantje! Have a wonderful day girl!
Love you simple but at the same time stylish you cute outfit is.
Cheers to you.

Ich habe neue Haare !!
Looks perfect and so natural.

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